How to build an email list: Complete growth guide from 0 to 10000 for 2022

How to build an email list

When I decided to blog one of my biggest problems was how am I going to get the traffic to my website?  But I could not find a perfect solution for me after 5 years of testing here I am sharing the complete growth guide from 0 to 10000 for the year 2022. Build an email list with ease.  

Here are my top 6 strategies & my most trusted tool to build an email list that can help you to build a successful email list

1. Make your newsletter a valuable product

Treat your newsletter as a product and communicate the benefits of using it. When you provide value for your content, you see a higher conversion and engagement rate. Build something very useful for your target audience which they cannot refuse to signup. 

2. Promote your newsletter like a product

If you have a digital product on your hand how would you promote it? Apply the same techniques, inform your audience of the benefits of your newsletter and treat it like a product, A very valuable product. Use every medium you can get your hands on such as,

3. Create Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is something valuable for your target audience that you offer in exchange for contact information. The goal of the lead magnet is to incentivize subscription and maximize the number of target leads captured via web form.

Examples: Educational materials, Ebook, Guide, Report, Framework, Resource kit, Checklist

4. Present the benefits of joining your email list

Go beyond “sign up to the newsletter” by simply providing a few reasons to do so. Come up with different incentives, like a loyalty program, discount, exclusive merch, or contest and test which one proves to be most effective.

5. Create a landing page for your newsletter 

A landing page, also known as a “lead capture page” or a “Squeeze page”, is a single web page designed to build a contact list. Creating a landing page has become easier with a lot of free and paid tools. You can create your own email landing page in a matter of minutes using one of those tools (I personally use and recommend Get Response)

6. Create a list-building funnel

There are two kinds of list building funnels

  1. Lead magnet funnel
  2. Standard opt-in funnel

Lead magnet funnel

With lead magnet funnels you can host your lead magnets, set up landing pages, create autoresponders, and promote them with Social Media ads.

Standard opt-in funnel

These list-building funnels can help you set up a full lead generation campaign even if you don’t have a downloadable opt-in incentive. Use them to promote your newsletter, and email course, a monetary incentive, or a resource vault. 

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