Newest leader in the market? Nothing ear1 review

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At first glance, there are already some pretty unique things about them so you might have followed the whole startup story of this new company founded by carl pay former founder of Oneplus. it’s here it’s a pair of $ 99 wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and wireless charging

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So does it worth the hype? Let’s have look.

  1. Price 

It is just $99 when compared to its competitors Airpods and Galaxy buds sell at over $200 (Price varies depending on which part of the world you live). They are managed to provide Splash and sweat resistance, wireless charging, auto-pause, and the latest Bluetooth 5.2 for quality audio even at that price point. 

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  1. Design 

They have a very unique design with a transparent look. Even though it is unique, the answer to the question does it look good is a big question is meh! But they have managed to hide the glue and made it look goods as possible. Kudos for the effort. 

  1. Noise Cancellation

To all of our surprise, it is really good. It is as good as the AirPods with really good active noise cancellation. If you hold on to the stem it will enable the transparency mode which is a cool feature.

  1. Battery

It can give you a whopping 25-35 hours of playtime if you have the case with you or else you are good to go for 4-5 hours. The biggest problem is ear1 case is not pocketable. It is larger than AirPods and Galaxy buds casing. 

  1. Sound

This is the biggest question of all, How does this sound? If it doesn’t sound good what’s the point of having other good features right. From a personal experience, we should say it is on par with its rivals. 

Should you buy Nothing ear1? Absolutely with that price range, it is a great deal. This is not for everyone. If you want to stay loyal to your brand you can. But for people who don’t want to pay a large amount but looking for a quality product. This is for you.

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